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Web Designing

REDCAN TECHNOLOGIES delivers successful Internet and intranet solutions. Our portfolio includes content management systems, web portals and design-lead brochure-ware websites. Our software development team is complemented by our dedicated web design team. This allows us to offer a range of extended services specific to this area:


We work on a very broad range of tools and technologies. The choice of these is made on best fit, per project basis. All of our designers write HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We primarily use the Macromedia and Adobe set of design tools including Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Image Ready, Fireworks and Flash. Our primary server-side technology is ASP.NET. Our approach

We offer a 3-phased approach to web projects:

At the clarification stage a detailed project specification will be produced covering all aspects of design and implementation. A project plan will also be produced which will indicate timescales, dependencies and key milestones.